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Mightier than the Sword
They Have Their Exits
An Outsider Inside No 10: Protecting the Prime Ministers, 1974-79
Self Psychology and Psychosis
The Long Emancipation
The Anglo-Irish War
Fat Man to Green Man
Spying on the World
Total Destruction of the Tamil Tigers
American Nonviolence
Maggie &; Me
Reality Radio
Tartan Gangs and Paramilitaries
Northern Ireland Since 1969
Andra världskriget : hemliga krigsplaner som aldrig blev av
Good Night, Mr. Tom
The War of Independence in Kildare
Son of Rosemary
Satan is Real
Mightier Than the Sword
World War 2 Plans That Never Happened
Harry's Game
The Chinaman
Insurgencies and Counterinsurgencies
Immediate Action
Abandoned Mansions of Ireland
The Masters of Bebop
Insurgencies and Counterinsurgencies
There's A Riot Going On
From Eden to Exile
Mr Nice
Good Friday
Thunder Point (Sean Dillon Series, Book 2)
Walking Away from Terrorism
Arthur's Funny Money
Pay Off
They Killed the Ice Cream Man
Stand By Stand By
Good Friday
George Gershwin

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