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Roger bäck Ödemarksjägar´n (Musik cd)
Roger bäck Jägarland (Musik cd)
Charles Manson
Tränings-DVD, för gravida
Jojo Mayer: Secret Weapons For The Modern Drummer
Aaron Spears: Beyond the Chops
Drum Tuning, Sound and design simplified
Thomas Lang: Creative Control
Mike Portnoy: Liquid Drum Theater
Legendary Drum Licks: Metallica 1983-1988
Legendary Drum Licks: Metallica 1988-1997
Steve Smith: Drum Set Technique/History Of The U.S Beat
Classic Drum Solos And Drum Battles DVD
Jeff Ocheltree: Trust Your Ears - Drum Tech Explorations
Rush: Legendary Drum Licks
Billy Ward - Big Time
Johnny Rabb: 30 Days to better hands
Tommy Igoe: Groove Essentials
Dennis Chambers: In The Pocket
Mike Portnoy: Progressive Drum Concepts
Anatomy of a Drum Solo-Neil Peart
Mark Mondesir: The Mystery Unfolds
Gene Krupa: Jazz Legend
Lick Library: Technical Difficulties
Hot Licks: Learn Drums With 6 Great Masters!
Magesh: Unique Beats
Ray Luzier: Double bass drum techniques
D2: Duets Volume Two
Pure Energy: Tony Royster, Jr.
Chris Adler and Jason Bittner, Live at Modern Drummer Festival 2005
Jeff Porcaro, Master Sessions
Stephen Perkins, A drummers life
Vinny Appice: Hard Rock Drum Techniques
Dave Weckl: How To Develope Your Own Sound
Joe Morello; Drum Method (Drum Method 1: The Natural Approach To Technique)
Joe Morello; Drum Method (Drum Method 2: Around The Kit)
Jeff Queen: Playing With Sticks
Thomas Lang: Creative Coordination
The Drum Pads 20th Anniversary Show
Introduction to Brazilian Percussion
Virgil Donati: Live in Stockholm
Mike Portnoy: In Constant Motion
Mike Terrana: The Rhythm Beast
Matt Sorum: Drum Licks And Tricks From The Rock And Roll Jungle

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