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Head Top Front Bottom from a whiskey wine barrel with engraving, bottle shelf and LED backlight.
This is a great gift for every man, father, boy, grandfather and mother's grandmother.
The person who receives such a gift feels special when this gift is designed and made just for her.

we will engrave whatever you want ....
if necessary we will change the dimension ....
hand and laser engraving.

In our studio in Sycewice, we design and produce personalized gifts, wooden signboards, address boards, logos for: home restaurant bar home bar men's cave man cave garage garage and wherever signboard is not only an informative but also a very decorative role.

This is a unique design and thick aged pine wood.

Guarantee of durability is Scandinavian wood "gran" and "fur" repeatedly patinated and oiled so that our signs can also hang outside all year round.

It is above all a great idea for a unique original personalized gift for a special person.

diameter about 60cm.
depth of about 14cm.
Spanish oak material
weight: approx. 12 kg.

We also specialize in oak wine whiskey barrels and everything you can do with them. Please visit: www.dreamsgarden.info

Plats: Stockholm, Stockholm

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