2-in-1 Powerpack and HANDWARMER 190 sek (NEW)

Säljes av: Peter | Annonsen inlagd: 2017-01-11 kl 16:21

2-in-1 Powerpack and HANDWARMER 190 sek (NEW)
Rugged but elegant hand warmer that can also be used to revive your devices. Only 11 left!

It happens all the time here in Sweden, affordable clothes are just not made for the horrors of nordic weather conditions. In order to keep my hands warm I’ve used multiple devices; hot stones, chemical hand warmers that are just a little bit too cold and only work for a few minutes before you have to dip them into cooking water for about half a millennia, catalytic handwarmers that are emitting enough heat for a really long time but are unstoppable for 12 hours after lighting, expensive in fuel use, and are emitting hazardous carbon monoxide.

Just before giving up on handwarmers I decided to give an electrical hand warmer a try, and they are just perfect! Not only can you use them for 4 hours, you can choose when to turn it on and off so you can use it every time you are outside! You don’t have to dip them in boiling water or spill fuel, in order to use them after 4 hours of use, but yes, you just plug them in a usb port and you are GOOD TO GO.

Because the hand warmer features an impressive 3500 mAh accu in its compact design, it comes also in handy when you need just some MORE POWER to help your PHONE throughout the day (I don’t want to buy a new phone every year), a functionality that I really valued after I began to use the hand warmer.

It might be clear that I am very happy using this hand warmer, but I don’t want to be the only one that is still smiling when even the polar bears are shivering. Because of that, I bought more of these amazing hand warmers to sell not only for exchange students who don’t really know what to expect from the Swedish winter, but also to everybody who has experienced it and knows how to brace themselves for the winter.

Right now there are ONLY 11 hand warmers left, be quick to get one before it is too late and you can’t move your hands anymore!

Please contact me when you have questions, I want everybody to be satisfied with the hand warmers! The price of 190 sek is the total price, no, this is not a joke! You can have your hand warmer delivered by me personally anywhere in Växjö, for an additional 20 SEK.

Pris: 190 kr

Plats: Växjö, Kronoberg

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