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Säljes av: Elizabeth | Annonsen inlagd: 2016-12-19 kl 16:12

I can be creative for you or I can help you tap into your own creativity.
I love working with people to help them find their vision.
I am flexible, I enjoy working with many topics and genera.
I am comfortable working in diverse environments and in various ways.
We can work via phone, messenger, letter or in person. We can work at your work site (tables and chairs). Or we can work in a more organic way, for example: If you think best outside, sitting on the floor, or you have some other personal way of relaxing and connecting with your thoughts. I am comfortable with exploring what works for you. I am a firm believer in each person needing their own environment to flourish and do optimal work.
I can help you design in a liner way (an object or a larger project); or we can work on ideas.
I am passionate, intuitive and driven to achieve the best possible result on any project.
I have excellent communication skills both verbally and in writing.
I can work with teams or individuals, but I do best one on one.
I have worked in very diverse circumstances and with diverse people including Cinematographers, Writers, Artists, Musicians etc.
I'm great at helping others relax, be introspective and prospective and flourish in their work. I charge 350 kr per hr but other offers will be considered. I am new to Sweden, sorry I don't speak Swedish yet!

Pris: 350 kr

Plats: Oskarshamn, Kalmar

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